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80 hotels, classified 2 and 3 star, situated in town centers throughout France. Each hotel has its own personality whilst they all respect the same level of quality imposed by the Citotel Group.

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Urban Style

URBAN STYLE, truly urban in style and spirit, this brand created in 2012 unites 3 and 4 star hotels that offer contemporary design in the heart of French city centers.

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Tip Top Hôtels

TIP TOP HOTELS, is a collection of around 15 hotels in Germany and to a lesser extent in Austria. They are mostly 3 stars and situated medium-sized towns, on wine routes in the Rhineland, in Bavaria and in the Alps and Thuringia, the green lung of Europe, as well as Baden Württemberg on the borders of Switzerland

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Châteaux et Demeures

CHATEAUX & DEMEURES is a collection of charming hotels situated in key holiday locations such as the seaside, the mountains and the countryside. In 2014 the brand celebrated its 40th anniversary.

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